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Finding your Florida Surnames

This page will lead you to several sites where you may search for your surnames. Some of them will let you search by location, while some are by surname only.

If you know of a searchable index which we should include, please send us the URL and we'll try to arrange with the site to add their URL to this page!

If you find a link on this page that is not valid or links to a non-genealogy page, please advise the webmaster soon as possible.

Links to Surname sites on the Web

Florida Family Surnames
and Genealogy Pages

Do you have your Florida family genealogy online or a listing of Florida surnames at your website? Send us the URL and we'll list it here!

Florida State Genealogical Society's Florida Pioneer List

  • McMillen Family Genealogy  No Valid URL
  • Carol Middleton's Home Page  No Valid URL
  • The Edenfield Genealogical Society No Valid URL
    Web site contains over 24,000 names and over 3200 surnames with at least 50% from Florida. The database is completely searchable!
  • Edge and Harvey family page  No Valid URL
  • Glenn Langford's  Langford Surname Data Base
  • Langford Family News By Glenn Langford
  • The Owsley Tidepool By Milancie Adams
  • Webb Family of Osprey, Florida by Judith and Alva Johnson No Valid URL
  • Gill and Clark Familty Web Page by Frank O. Clark
  • The McMullen Family
  • Sparkman descendants of Florida by Sandra K. Haxton No Valid URL
  • Westberry family - this family line started in southeast GA and many of the descendents migrated to Florida. No Valid URL
  • Jean Mizell's Founding Florida Pioneer Family Settlers No Valid URL
  • Jean Mizell's Founding Florida Pioneer Settlers Home Page No Valid URL
  • Jean Mizell's Founding Florida Pioneer Settlers & Their Descendants No Valid URL
    For further information regarding Jean Mizell's site e-mail her at