Florida List Guidelines

To be able to provide you with the best possible environment, we ask you to agree to the following:


YOU SHOULD NOT decrease the enjoyment of others.


DO NOT POST CHAIN LETTERS or "Send this to everyone you know" HOAXES. (If it were real, it would be in the news!)
DO NOT FORWARD emails from other people, lists or groups. Instead simply refer the people to this list.  Do not forward emails from this list to other people or lists. 

COURTESY IS REQUIRED.  Posts should not flame or otherwise harass other users. Please use the principles of netiquette.

POST TO THE CORRECT LIST.  Queries about specific locations should be posted to the appropriate County List, not the Florida list.  If you know the city, but don't know the county, search the RootsWeb Town/County Database located here: http://resources.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/townco.cgi

COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES require prior permission from the List Administrator.  SHARING LINKS and information about Florida special events (i.e. State Conferences or Regional Seminars) is acceptable once as long as prices are not included.

DO NOT POST PROBLEMS OR SUGGESTIONS on the list.  These should be directed to the List Administrator at FLORIDA-admin@rootsweb.com.

These guidelines may change, but current versions will be posted to the list.

WE MAY REFUSE SERVICE. Violations of these guidelines or other policies may result in moderation. Once -- you are warned (privately). Twice -- you may be removed temporarily. Three strikes and you're out.

This list is FREE!  But it is also priceless...