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FLGenWeb Group Tutorial

To Set up a Google Account

   1. Go to Google Accounts  or sign up without Gmail
   2. Enter your Email address
   3. Type a password
   4. Type it again
   5. Type in the letters in the Security Verification (yes, they are hard to read -- deliberately)
   6. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (each opens in a new window)
   7. Return to the New Account form window.
   8. Click the gray button to create your Google account
   9. Wait to receive an email from accounts-noreply@google.com with the Subject Google Email Verification
  10. Click on the link in the Google email. 

 This verifies your email address and activates your Google Account.

Now You Are Ready to Join a Google Group

  • Go to FLGenWeb if you are a CC, ACC or SEMA Rep.
  • Click on the link "Sign in and apply for membership"
  • Sign in with your Google Account Email address and password
  • Choose your mail options from Abridged Email, Digest Email or Email. (The default is No mail and will be changed to All email unless you have prior conscent from the State Coordinator)
  • Add the groups email address to your address book:

  • Select your name or Google Profile (your actual name or county name is suggested)
  •  Apply for membership by answering the questions you'll see just above the form box: 

       What is your name and what county do you coordinate?

        Or are you a SEMA Representative

Click the gray button to "Apply to this Group" and submit your answers
  • Remember to sign out! Every time! Even though you cannot view or post messages yet, you are still signed into your Google Account.
  • Bookmark the group link as a favorite: 

                  FLGenWeb                                      https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/flgenweb

Once approved, you can email the group at: flgenweb@googlegroups.com. Your group e-mail will go to every member of the Group and to the SEMA Reps. If you have any questions, contact the State Coordinator.